Insights on empathy and trust in remote work culture

SaaS (Software as a Service) should be SUPPORTING our humanity, not shrinking or flattening it to suit its own needs.

It's like the mind: we must harness it as a tool to SERVE our highest good, not be slaves to it.

But isn't zanie a SaaS, you ask? It is! But our hope is that zanie can be a way-shower for the how things COULD be: still streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly, but with the users themselves--and their expansion and wellbeing--at the heart of the Why.

In this article by zanie Founder Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh, our fearless leader lays out exactly what's missing in the SaaS experience, and how a simple mindset shift could wildly enhance our relationship with the software we use. (Hint: it doesn't use us.)

SaaS is the tool. Not the humans who utilize it.

What SaaS Can’t Do
If SaaS (Software as a Service) were a verb, rather than a noun, what would it mean? Verbing weirds language, as Calvin & Hobbes remind us, but it can also be used to illuminate a reality that words previously obscured. If you want to understand the function of a thing, a noun, it’s often helpful to
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