Insights on empathy and trust in remote work culture

What are your feelings about returning to a physical office? Because of COVID-19, the future of work came on faster than any of us were expecting. At zanie, we know that whether you've got a physical space with colleagues or you're tuning in from your home office, the most fundamental way to stay connected remains the same: stay in conversation with your team. Remind each other that you care about their wellbeing, not just their deliverables.

According to a survey by The Partnership for New York City, only 22 percent of workers will return to the office full time! About 66 percent expect to go hybrid, with some days in and some days out. Whether you live in New York or another city with similar plans, does this inspire feelings of relief in you, or of anxiety?

People are the lifeblood of work culture. zanie helps companies take care of their people by gathering them in conversations to remain connected, and to grow to deeply trust and respect their team.

Read the full article here.

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